Thursday, February 28, 2013

Clowns from Amsterdam

Yesterday I got following comment: I have Tony's Clown and Winnie the Pooh from his Amsterdam period (1960's).
So I asked to send the picture and some info on how the person got the painting: Thus another testimony on Tony Mafia's Amsterdam period.
I quote the text: "Hereby a picture of the Clown. I haven't got a photo of
Winnie the Pooh, as it is currently with my daughter in the UK. I did not
meet him personally, but a friend of mine met him in a bar in Amsterdam
and I bought these two works via him in 63/64. Tony seemed a bit down and out at
the time, so I heard.
I am prepared to sell. Kind regards, Hans.

Tony painted a lot of clowns, he loved the circus. I can't quite tell from the picture whether this is an oil painting or a pastel drawing (which I think it is). Then it would be behind glass.
If you're interested leave an e-mail address in a comment... and I'll get back to you to get  you in touch with Hans.


  1. i lost a Tony Mafia from his Hollywood days. What are you asking for this artwork?

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