Thursday, July 28, 2011


Ana Elsner, German born, living in San Francisco where she is part of the poetry scene coined the word Moku. It stands for her interpretation of haiku: MOdified haiKU. Here you see her reading July 30 - she reads very expressively- at the Om Shan Thé, on the weekly poetry night.


child gathering up seashells
unselfconscious manifesto of sublime abandon
auspicious tidings


kind raapt zeeschelpen bijeen
onzelfbewust manifest van sublieme overgave
gunstige tijdingen

Sunday, July 24, 2011

a new salon 12b event

A new event of salon 12b is planned for September 1st. One could interpret this as a 'dress rehearsal for the 2nd European Festival of Poetry on September 17, 8 pm in the Permeke Library in Antwerp.'
On September 1st, among others, will be present and reading/performing Lucienne Stassaert with Jean Demey, Annie Reniers, Peter Holvoet-Hanssen, Bart Stouten, Frank Devos, Roger Nupie who will be once again our MC at the Festival and others... During the festival we'll have 9 poets or musicians traveling from other countries: three from The Netherlands, 3 from the Lower Rhine area Germany, one from Bretagne, France, one from San Francisco, USA.
Since Marleen de Crée won't be able to make it on September 1st - but don't worry she will be there during the Festival I post one of the poems she intents to read September 17.
Si more sonando

nacht waait uit de bomen weg,
brengt wind in de vleugels. uilen
wieken in hun sluierdans. roepen.
vredig geluid. wij kunnen praten.

schaduw nestelt zich in ons bed.
handen splijten onze blik, glijden
in het gerommel. breken de wet.
hoe zullen we vallen? onze kussen kruisen

het pad, bijten zich vast in het vel.
liefde spant als een gloeiend gewelf
tussen hemel en hel. tussen de dromen
en de sterren slaat zij het beleg.
uit: Hinkelspel, uitgeverij P, 2008

Si more sonando
                        (One dies making music)

night is blown out of trees,
brings wind in wings. owls
sail in their dance of veils. call.
peaceful sound. we can talk.

shadow burrows in our bed.
hands splinter our sight, slide
in the turmoil. break the law.
how will we fall? our kisses cross

paths, sink their teeth in skin.
love spans like a glowing dome     
between heaven and hell. between the dreams
and the stars she lays. 
US:Annmarie Sauer

Friday, July 1, 2011

For Susan Birkeland's friends

Waiting for the voices
which will bring her
words new life
Hibbing & Mercy
and stone-hard
and some of my stone-hearted issues
love as noun
love as verb
love as stillness
the stars too far
to hear their
coal hard song
their cosmic hum
so I wait for
the voices
bringing life & melody
to her stardust words
for Susan Birkeland’s friends who lovingly, splendidly read her poetry at the recording studio Paradiso